Individual Therapy

We create safe and humanizing spaces for Black women to embrace their healing journey. We offer support by exploring deeper dynamics and patterns that surface in relationship with yourself and others while offering various tools and strategies to help you navigate these relationships. 

~ 180.00 50min session

*Sliding Scale/Reduced Fee available. Individual therapy is for California residents only.

Trainer & Consultant

We educate teachers and school administrators about the connection between mental wellness and social justice. We support teams with identifying racial inequity and developing solidarity in Antiracist education.

Public Speaking

Whether it's a podcast, Instagram live, Facebook Live, or a work meeting to lift morale, as a specialist in black women's mental health, we will add passion, joy, and clinical expertise. 

*If you are interested in the services above please contact us and request a consultation.


Our Approach

Our approach is influenced by Black feminist therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. We understand that race and gender create different stressors for Black women. We specialize in making therapy sessions conversational and down to earth. Our goal is to help black women curate and sustain a life they love.

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